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With more than 15 years of experience, we believe that a pizza night should be special, therefore, we strive to make  individuals and families happy. At Winner’s, we do not just show up, we become our best, make friends and have fun while at time. We are not about to blend in, pushing frontiers is our heritage.We at Winner’s, we don’t settle for anything less. We are proud in the food we serve. 

Whether you want to impress that special person, a party, holiday event, family dinner date or a quick bite, ‘this new kid in town,’ will satisfy your cravings and meet your wild imaginations at crossroads. You have tested the rest, it’s time to have the best.

Our menu is internationally crafted to appeal to all pizza lovers. We create food we are proud to serve, and we deliver it swiftly every time, anywhere you want it and with a smile.


• Nutrition is based on a 1500Cal diet for children below 12years.

• Nutrition is based on a 2000 Calorie diet for children above 13years and adult.

• However, Order calorie may vary depending on an individual.


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