Here at Winner’s, we pride ourselves in doing things the right way the first time, from adding the right ingredients to dough mixing and, in the kitchen, up to putting food on the table. I guess we could say we obsess with details.


We take pride in the superiority of the sauce we use at Winner’s. This sauce makes the base of every handcrafted pizza created in our kitchen. The sauce is infused with great tasting and smelling herbs and spices. Pizza without great tasting sauce is no Pizza at all.


At Winner’s, dough is not just about mixing water and flour. It’s about a using premium flour and mixing at a perfect water-air temperature ratio. At perfect union, a top-quality dough is produced. A terrific pizza isn’t made overnight. It is made fresh in our kitchen every single day.


Cheese shreds

Just when you thought our dough and sauce couldn’t be beat, we introduce to you Mozzarella cheese. Every Pizza at Winner’s is handcrafted with mozzarella cheese. It’s fresh – never frozen and makes the perfect melt on Pizza every time with no messes.